Features and Benefits

My business is about... 

making your business successful, so you can be sure I have your very best interests at heart at all times.


I'm working WITH you not FOR you, it's a partnership and I care. 

You don't pay me for breaks...

or chatting with colleagues, checking social media or making a cup of coffee, you’ll only be invoiced for the actual hours and minutes worked.



There's no financial outlay...

for equipment, office space, NI and pension contributions, sick and holiday pay, etc.


I'm your flexible backup workforce, a cost effective way of keeping your business agile and able to react quickly to demand.


Customer Service Support


Ad-hoc support, for variable hours or holiday cover   £30 ph (typically billed monthly in arrears)


Ongoing support, for set number of hours monthly    From £25 ph (depending on number of hours,

                                                                             typically billed monthly in advance)

Consultancy and Online Business Management


          Online Business Management     £45 ph


        Consultancy                              POA

Contact me now! 

Let's chat about how I can help you WOW your customers!

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